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Pellerin Felix


PhD student

Thesis project :


Julien Cote (CR1, EDB)
Robin Aguilée (MCF, EDB, UPS)

Project description

I am working on the combined effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on species persistence and distribution. Specifically, I am trying to understand the influence of the dispersal behavior (i.e. phenotype and context dependent dispersal, habitat matching) on population adaptation under climate change.


(i) I am developping individual-based models to test the influence of phenotype and context dependent dispersal on future species distribution under climate change.
(ii) I am also using experiments in the metatron using the common lizard (Zootoca vivipara) as a model. We monitor lizard populations which are exposed to different climatic conditions and different levels of habitat fragmentation to understand how the populations will adapt to these different conditions.
(iii) Finally, I am leading lab experiments using Tetrahymena thermophila as a model. This experiment is designed to test the influence of population composition on population adaptation to different climatic conditions.

common lizard metatron Tetrahymena thermophila