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Janzen-Connell patterns can be induced by fungal-driven decomposition and offset by ectomycorrhizal fungi accumulated under a closely related canopy [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : above/below-ground interactions, budburst, leaf herbivory, plant-soil interactions, Quercus sp, spatial community assembly, temperate forest, tree recruitment

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Seedlings near a conspecific adult might suffer increased mortality due to pressure from enemies such as belowground pathogenic fungi (Janzen-Connell Hypothesis), however variation exists among taxa such that some experience low levels of mortality. We hypothesized that seedlings close to adults might profit, rather than suffer, from belowground fungi, notably from mycorrhiza or decomposers, in particular near large adult trees and under a closely related canopy.(...)

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