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Since my PhD, I’m interested in developing and implementing molecular approaches to understand how biodiversity is distributed and contributes to the ecosystems functioning and functions. When I joined EDB lab in 2011, I worked as a scientific project manager of LabEx CEBA (Centre d’étude de la Biodiversité amazonienne). Since then, I have been collaborating mostly on projects assessing Amazonian biodiversity in French Guiana. My skills in molecular biology allow me to support scientific projects, using metabarcoding approach based on environmental DNA from soil and water samples or/and gut contents. I also coordinate our lab’s molecular biology platform.

About me

At the University of the Basque Country, I made graduate studies in biology and I came to France in 2003 for my Master degree in ecology. I defended my PhD in microbial ecology in 2007 at the University of Toulouse. In December 2016, I obtained my actual position at EDB as Research Engineer (CNRS).


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2017 N. Guillerault, S. Bouletreau, A. Iribar, A. Valentini & F. Santoul. Application of DNA metabarcoding on faeces to identify European catfish Silurus glanis diet. Journal of Fish Biology, (90):2214-2219

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2003 J.M. Sanchez Perez, A. Iribar, M. Martinez, C. Garcia-Linares & I. Antigüedad. Eliminación de nitratos por desnitrificación en la zona no saturada del suelo en un humedal del cinturón peri-urbano de Vitoria-Gasteiz. Estudios en la Zona no Saturada de Suelo. Vol VI (