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Cambon Marine


PhD Student

PhD project :

Heterogeneities in pathogenic infections

Supervisors :

  • Jean-baptiste Ferdy (EDB, UPS, Toulouse)
  • Sophie Gaudriault (DGIMI, UM, Montpellier)

Main questions :

Infections have been for long considered as homogeneous, with one pathogen infecting one host. However, different level of heterogeneity can occur during infection and play a huge role for the pathogen and it’s transmission. Focusing on two types of heterogeneity, I try to answer two main questions regarding the insect pathogen Xenorhabdus nematophila :

- How does phenotypic heterogeneity in X. nematophila populations after phenotypic switching affect its transmission ?

- Is X. nematophila able to dominate an heterogeneous bacterial population inside it’s host’s cadaver, and which implication this could have for it’s transmission ?

Model species :

Xenorhabdus nematophila is an insect pathogen transmitted by a soil nematode vector Steinernema carpocapsae.